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Are you aware of any tooth hazards in your life that can be doing damage to your smile based on what you’re eating or drinking? Are there any products that you are consuming that are unhealthy for both your body and your mouth? Are you making sure not to use your mouth as a tool to open products as well?

In order to keep your smile at its peak condition, always make sure to never use your teeth for anything other than their intended uses. This includes never using your teeth to open bottles or any other products that may require a bit of leverage. Your teeth are extremely fragile and even a single moment can easily shatter and destroy your oral health.

Avoid excessively sugary products including sports drinks and fruit juice. Ideally, look for drink products that are low in sugar or diluted.

In addition, be aware that potato chips will do damage to your gum line along with your waistline. The reason is that bacteria and plaque will be able to break down starchy foods into acids. If possible, avoid consuming potato chips altogether or floss between your teeth after eating them.

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