At Great Neck Dental Care, Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian strives to give our patients a relaxing, comfortable dental experience when they visit our modern office for care. As you can see from the reviews below, our team maintains a warm, friendly environment here and use the latest dental equipment so patients can receive and enjoy excellent dental care. If you would like to visit our dentist in Great Neck, New York, then call our team to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

“I ended up seeing Dr Moghadasian today!!! He was amazing, I was very very impressed by him. I highly recommend him to whoever is looking for a smart, patient, kind dentist!!! He pulled two of my teeth, didn’t feel a thing, and so far recovery has been a breeze. ”
-Sabina B.

“My visit was wonderful. Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian was professional and changed my whole smile and took care of the terrible pain i was in. I would highly recommend coming to this wonderful dentist.”

“Great first visit. My kids are afraid of going to the dentist for their regular checkups. Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian was very patient and gentle. He made my kids feel comfortable. He didn’t force them to do anything they didn’t want to do, nor did he do anything to them that they didn’t feel comfortable with. Looking forward to our next visit!”

“Very professional. Pleasant manner.”

“Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian has a greate bedside and it was such a pleasure to meet with him. He takes the time to explain everything in great detail. I was impressed how gentle he is working on you. The atmosphere of the office is very pleasant.”

“Very nice new location/office. Waiting room with live TV. Excellent service. Highly recommended.”