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If a strong blow to the face dislodges your tooth from its tooth root and periodontal ligaments, the tooth could be knocked out of its socket, resulting in tooth loss. If you experienced dental trauma such as a knocked-out tooth, a dental bridge could help you recover your beautiful smile.

While our goal is to preserve your natural smile as much as possible, in the case of severe tooth injury, we may determine that tooth extraction and the placement of a dental bridge are in the best interest of your smile. Replacing a lost tooth may often done to prevent pain and oral health complications that can follow tooth loss.

If you are unfamiliar with a dental bridge, it is a natural-looking but artificial tooth attached to two custom-made dental crowns that then anchor to abutments formed out of the neighboring teeth. We remove the tooth enamel layer from these teeth but keep the root, nerves and pulp under a protective sheath to sustain the strength of these teeth.

A detailed impression of the area, including the abutments and other relevant teeth, will help provide a model of the gap so that a custom dental bridge that looks like your natural teeth can be created. When it is completed, the bridge will be cemented into place.

If you are considering receiving a dental bridge in Great Neck, New York, following the loss of a tooth, please feel free to contact Great Neck Dental Care at 516-717-4729 today to meet with our dentist, Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian.