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Are you trying to decide between a water flosser and dental floss to clean your smile? If so, our dentist, Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian, is more than happy to help you. Today, he is happy to compare the two oral hygiene tools so you can make the best decision for your smile.

Dental floss
Dental floss has always been an effective tool when cleaning the teeth and gumline. It can eliminate bacteria, plaque, and food particles from the smile. Most importantly, it can deeply clean the spaces of the smile the toothbrush cannot reach. It can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease by removing plaque and keeping the smile in tip-top shape. The only disadvantage to this oral hygiene tool is that it can damage your oral tissues if you improperly use it.

Water flossers
Water flossers can clean the spaces between your teeth without the use of dental floss. It can spray water into the crevices and eliminate the plaque, bacteria, and food particles that reside there. It can help you reduce your chances of suffering major dental issues, especially gingivitis. The disadvantage of this tool is that it can get messy and it can miss some plaque if you don’t use it properly.

For advice for your specific situation, please feel free to call Great Neck Dental Care and schedule an appointment. Our dental team will be happy to meet with you and tell you which tool is best for your teeth and gums. We also encourage you to call 516-717-4729 if you have any questions about flossing. We are happy to hear from and help you!