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Key nutrients can provide vital improvements to your oral health. Just as harmful materials such as sugars and acids can damage our teeth, some minerals are deemed effective in the treatment of them. Two main minerals that are highly effective in treating damaged enamel and keeping your smile healthy are calcium and phosphorus.

Calcium and phosphorus are natural minerals often found in many key foods that we eat. They have been proven to help re-mineralize tooth enamel and keep it strong and effective in its battle against dental erosion. A few selections of foods that contain these minerals include various meats, especially chicken, milk, a variety of nuts, and also cheese.

The texture of foods can also play a role in keeping your mouth clean. Try to eat crunchy foods with a high water content, as they have been proven to effectively wash away food particles and assist in keeping your teeth clean. The additional saliva in your mouth produced from these foods can also help neutralize harmful acids. Crunchy foods high in water include apples and pears.

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