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Are you aware that dental fillings can be used to correct cavities? Because cavities are caused by a deterioration of your tooth enamel, it is essential to always brush and floss your smile. Always keep your mouth clean and clear of any damage that could alter or damage your tooth enamel. If a cavity should arise, two of the main treatments of dental fillings that can be used are dental amalgams and tooth-colored composites.

Composite fillings, also commonly referred to as tooth-colored fillings, are usually crafted to fix and repair small and medium-sized cavities. In some instances, composites can eradicate cavities that are far too small for dental amalgams to repair. In the event they should fail or become damaged, composites can also be color-matched to your teeth and applied numerous times over without removing the original.

Dental amalgams use extremely durable metal materials used to fill in a decayed tooth and prevent future cavities from arising. They are extremely effective at repairing large-sized cavities. Dental amalgams do leave a metallic shine after placement. Furthermore, mercury is used as a binding agent, which many people may often wish to avoid.

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