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Have you ever wondered what the differences are between composite and amalgam fillings? If so, our Great Neck Dental Care team is happy to give you the details you need so you can make the best restorative decision for your smile! There are many differences between the two products, including:

-Composite Fillings: Composite fillings are made of ceramic, plastic, and resin compounds. This filling offers natural-looking results and has been used for the front teeth for years. This is also a good option for a patient who needs to restore the back teeth but also wants to maintain the beauty of their smile.

-Amalgam Fillings: Amalgam fillings are made of mercury, silver, tin, and copper. Because amalgam is a silver color, the filling is generally used for the back teeth. Mercury is a strong and durable compound that makes amalgam fillings hard and reliable. It can withstand pressure and force, and it typically lasts for many years.

If you would like to talk to your dentist, Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian, about the best dental filling in Great Neck, New York, please feel free to call 516-717-4729 today and schedule an appointment. Our team will be happy to meet with you and help you decide what’s best for your chompers!