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Although a dental bridge is a sturdy replacement for one or more missing teeth, it still requires daily cleaning, which means brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.

If plaque and lingering food particles are not cleared away, tartar can appear near the gumline. Once this occurs, you will be at an increased risk of gum disease, which will eventually threaten the integrity of the abutments anchoring the bridgework.

If you are having trouble brushing and flossing all the surfaces of your dental bridge, there are some special oral hygiene tools that might help.

Interdental brushes have slender heads that can help free food particles from hard-to-reach surfaces around the bridge. They can also help clean other spaces around your teeth.

A floss threader that uses waxed dental floss can help angle the floss between your teeth and the bridge. A water flosser can also be useful for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces.

You should make time for your routine dental checkup at Great Neck Dental Care’s dental clinic twice each year. This will give the dentist the chance to remove any lingering plaque and tartar; and check your gums and the integrity of your dental bridge.

If you are in the Great Neck, New York, area and you are having trouble cleaning around your bridge, you can always call 516-717-4729 to speak to a member of Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian’s staff.