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Did you know that the foods you consume are of significance not just for your overall health, but your dental health as well? What you eat can have an important effect on your pearly whites. Here are some nutriments to evade or decrease for a healthy grin.

Sticky foods: These can be dangerous to your teeth because they stay on them longer. If you eat these often, rinse your mouth with plain water directly afterward. Also, please brush and floss carefully after eating!

Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks: These drinks are typically intended to offer both calories and flavor. But this can mean quite a bit of sugar! In fact, sugar is the number one constituent of most sports and energy drinks. Before your next workout, consider switching to low-sugar sports drinks or even better, just drink water.

Ice: Designed for cooling off drinks and keeping food cold, ice is not for chewing. You may think it is harmless because it is only made of water, but really, crunching ice can leave teeth vulnerable to dental emergencies like chipped or cracked teeth and damaged enamel.

Citrus: This is a common additive to water. However, constant contact to the acids in citrus can lead to enamel damage. This means your teeth will be more vulnerable to decay. Plain water is a harmless and healthy option.

Hard candy: Consistent exposure to sugar can hurt your teeth. Additionally, hard candies can prompt dental emergencies, such as chipped or cracked teeth.

Starchy foods: Potato chips and other starchy foods can get wedged in the crevices your teeth. If you choose to snack on foods like these, be sure to floss carefully that day to remove food particles and plaque.

While occasional indulgence can be fun, reducing or eliminating these foods will help guarantee a happy, healthy smile for years to come! Call 516-717-4729 to talk to Dr. Behnam Y. Moghadasian or set up an appointment at Great Neck Dental Care in Great Neck, New York.